May 26, 2008

Sittin' Round at Home

Without a fone I haven't been doin anything really. i hope to get a new one soon.

Sourpatch has got a show next week. i hope we are ready...because I'm real stoked on it its with Lemuria!today i hung with my dad and rode my bike. both went pretty good. I told him i wanted to get a vasectomy and he told me a common side effect is pedophilia!! hahaha.

I'm gonna post a new mixed tape soon.

+ Smelly rich
+ burritos

- no phone
- dirty room

May 23, 2008

im a big fucking idiot.

so i got got my new phone after it had broken. it cost me $110 with insurance to get a new phone! I had it for three days then some asshole stole it from my work today. and i have no money to replace it.

my mind is overwhelmed with stupid problems I have dental, pg & e, water and phone bills that haven't been paid yet. and my knees are always hurting.

fuck. I hate my life.

I went to San Francisco for 2 days to hang with friends. i had alot of fun, but no im so bummed i cant remember all the cool stuff. here are some pictures.

god damn it, i suck!


May 18, 2008

Beat The Heat

its been really hott! it rules!
i sweat all day long so my scummyness level has gone up a ton! I'm proud.

the other day it was so hot Jose and ashey beat the heat by laying in a kiddie pool, but i just filled up a garbage can and sat in it!Jason hamed dropped a 15 pound ham on my cell fone and it broke.... so I'm foneless and that is a bummer. it cost 100 bucks to replace!! ridiculous! so sorry if i havent been replying to textz or callz...fuck off! give me your numbers if you want me to send you texts all day long! also yesterday a grill flirted with nick! (for the parties who know nick then you know how strange and awesome this is) she was pretty too! is photo proof!also i made this craigslist post (they took it down already so heres what it the thumbnail)

also alot peepz dug the mixed tape if ya want me to do another one i will let me know. and if you put one up on your blog let me know i want to hear it!!

+ heat

- no phonezie

May 14, 2008


A Bunch of shit...
I found some other pictures from my east coast trip...i wanna leave again badly! who wants to go somewhere with me? FREALZ!

I'm so hungry! i have become so broke and cannot eat! all these dumb billz have caught up with me and it sucks! i was supposed to get my stimulus check from the man, but it hasn't come in I'm pissed, hungry, and bummed!

i did get a letter from Christine today! and that ruled!
there was also a show at the house the other day. social circkle played and those dudes ripped and were mad funny!
someone still punched the goddamn ceiling!!

SOURPATCH is gonna record some crap this weekend so we can show the other members the new stuff. if it sounds good I'll post it next time!

I made a mixed tape for a grill. its available for download right here....i think I'm gonna start making these mix tapes available for download alot on my blog because i saw them do it on (my newest obsession!) so check back for cool songs!


track listing is as followzzzzz.

THE BRAT -Highschool
DREAMDATE -Why Dont You Make Me
DREAMDATE -New York City
GAZE -Jelly-Bean
GAZE -Seed-Less
HEAVENLY -Boyfriend Stays the Same
KARAOCAKE -Change of Plans
LOIS -Shy town
ROCKETSHIP -I Love you Like the Way That I Used To

ROCKETSHIP -Kisses are Always Promises
THAT DOG -Long Island
THAT DOG -One Summer Night
TIGER TRAP -My Broken Heart
TIGER TRAP -You're Sleeping
THE WAILERS -Hurts to be Alone

+ Social Circkle
+ Coffee
+ Xtines letter

- So Hungry
- So Broke
- So Dumb!

May 08, 2008

Goodby legz!

Doc sayz that The soft tissue on my knee cap is inflamed and wont heal until I rest it.
but i can never rest it!!! i need to ride a bike to work and i play drums and at work i stand and pivot for 7 hours!

i got x-rays done and if these knees of mine still hurt i go back in 2 weeks to see a specialist. BLEH!

i will never run or jump again! i have to wear knee braces now too!

Danny bailey came and sewed my crotch on my pants though that was cool.

+ new jacket
+ new beanie
+ Ashley made snicker doodles
+ cute grill at the burrito place is nice to me!

- knees are inflamed
- i still owe for dental bills
- my bed stays empty

oh yea me and Nick and Gabe made a movie short, because we were what wanna fight about it!

May 06, 2008

cool things goin down.

i knocked out half the things on that list!

a few days ago i went on a bike ride and my knees swoll up to the size of grapefruits. I'm slowly falling to pieces! I go to the doctor on Wednesday I hope she can heal these stupid dumb knees. because they are getting really bad. its hard to walk and i cant run or crouch at all!

the bike ride was awesome though i hope to go on a ton more before summer ends.

me and Nicole recorded some cool songs we wrote. then Tony quit the band, but we can find a new bassist soon plus the new songs are tight! we will have a demo soon ( i hope)

tony went to philly to hang and do shroomz ( have fun tony!) he Will have an awesome time the food is so good there!

i had a dream that i cut my hair so i cut it when i woke up. i look more like a turtle then ever before!
also Ashley put on Jose's glasses

+ New Pen Pal ( hi Wendy!)
+ Burritos
+ Bike Rides
+ Coffee
+ Touring with coke bust in July!
+ Mazapan

- bad knees
- stupid work
- boredom
- loneliness
- anxiety

p.s. I cant wait to leave town again.