May 18, 2008

Beat The Heat

its been really hott! it rules!
i sweat all day long so my scummyness level has gone up a ton! I'm proud.

the other day it was so hot Jose and ashey beat the heat by laying in a kiddie pool, but i just filled up a garbage can and sat in it!Jason hamed dropped a 15 pound ham on my cell fone and it broke.... so I'm foneless and that is a bummer. it cost 100 bucks to replace!! ridiculous! so sorry if i havent been replying to textz or callz...fuck off! give me your numbers if you want me to send you texts all day long! also yesterday a grill flirted with nick! (for the parties who know nick then you know how strange and awesome this is) she was pretty too! is photo proof!also i made this craigslist post (they took it down already so heres what it the thumbnail)

also alot peepz dug the mixed tape if ya want me to do another one i will let me know. and if you put one up on your blog let me know i want to hear it!!

+ heat

- no phonezie

1 comment:

lushlovesmusic said...

Make another mixtape!!