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June 04, 2010

missy you rock me

I made this mix for a night time bike ride i went on the other night.

i ended up goin' like one mile before i just sat on a hill and listened to this in its entirety.

i cant tell if this mix is made to make you sad or get into yr pants. its a sexually/emotionally confused mix.

here's yr cover kiddo.

click me

play it on shuffle seriously!

Cranberries-Free to Decide
Cranberries-You & Me
Everything but the Girl-Night & Day
Gaze-Sunday Night Waterworks
Glo Worm-I Will Remember You
Glo Worm-Wishing Well
Grab Grab The Haddock-Last Fond Goodbye
Hop Along Queen Ansleis-For Sebastian From A Friend
Hop Along Queen Ansleis-Laments Of A Mattress
Julie Doiron-Sweeter
Julie Doiron-Yer Kids
Mary Lou Lord-Helsinki
Mary Lou Lord-Speeding Motorcycle
Mazzy Star-Flowers In December
Mazzy Star-Roseblood
Mirah-Speak to Me Low
Mirah-We're Both So Sorry
Nico-Somewhere There's A Feather
Nico-The Fairest Of The Seasons
Rocketship-I'm Gonna Take Your Place
Rocketship-You're Too Young
Rose Melberg-My Heaven, My Sky
Rose Melberg-Your Tears
Softies-count to ten
Softies-Fragile, Don't Crush
Softies-snow like this

May 15, 2010