August 31, 2009

August 28, 2009

Small head moshers

August 26, 2009

August 25, 2009

catch up hurrrrry

- I gave up on the tour blog! haha

- tour was poorly promoted, but still kinda fun

- I just ordered way too much stuff online

- the sundays rule!

- my birthday is saturday bring me cake on friday!

- new mix coming soon

- more spinach for me!

August 22, 2009

August 21, 2009

August 20, 2009

August 18, 2009

August 16, 2009

Day 3

Day 3
Last night I slept in the van and it was soooooo cold! We woke this
morning and everyone showered ... Mandi and nicole smoked out...
Everytime nicole smokes weed she looks like a real sad zombie its
hillarious! We talked with bob who we found out people call Robert
instead... I don't know where we got Bob from.
We talked about tour stories and random stuuff...
2:50 pm
We drove around trying to find food and during the trek got an email
from roger in Sacramento... Turns out we left out guitar and cords at
the show! Bummer.
We will survive.
We are now eating pancakes!
1:00 am
After pancakes christine got a tattoo of a tarot card and it made me
want one so after Her tattoo was done we went to another tattoo parlor
where my friend mike wrked and he tattooed my wrists! He talked about
how he used to put crayons in his butt and we also found out his
grlfriend is the girl who sings on the postal service records! Weird
huh!? We drove back to the house and the show was just about to start
we played sloppy again but it was still fun I don't know if we sold
anything, but I hope we get some gas cash!
We now start the drive back down to the bay so we can play my house!...
Gabe made a craigslist post for people to send him pics to his cell
because " he's in a heavy rock band and on tour" haha

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August 15, 2009

Day two

Day two
8:42 am
Gabe drove the whole night! I tries to stay up.... I made it about 5
hours before I crashed out in the back on our disgusting matress that
we shoved in the back... We are a few miles from super cold and
gloomy, rusty Portland .... We are gonna get Dutch tacos... Look it up
Dutch tacos were a total bust! The fat idiot guy in the window was an
asshole and they ran out of vegan sausage so we headed down to muddy's
to drink pricey potatoes and drink endless amounts of self serve fair
trade shade grown organic Portland coffee!
Gabe is pissed and wants to kill dilbert dumb fuck at the ditch taco
stand! Its hillarious.....the table has trivial pursuit cards and we
are realizing we are idiots with know general knowledge
We have eating so much food in the last 3 hours .... I feel like I
might puke! We called bob from forever and he said we could crash at
his pad! So were hanging around town til we meet up for a show
later... Im'a call some local hammies and see if they wanna chill the
weather is very nice ..... I think were going to the river.
We met up with my friend barret and went to a river carnival! We kept
spraying dads with water and they would get so pissed! It was
hillarious the ride operators there were so akward and really into the
shitty techno and or aerosmith songs that played during their rides...
We walked on the river and threw shit at other shit.
Once we were done we went to a spot where I got biscuits and gravy and
a pancake bigger than my head for only 7 bucks! If I stayes in
Portland I would blow up so fast!!
Anyway me and gabe and barret are gonna go to a different show than
the others so's we can say whatsup to some hammies! Everyone is sleepy
and hungry we are on the path to
Obesity and diabesity just wait and see us roll back as huge fat skin
beach balls
2:49 am
The show was tight I hung with a tonnif hammies... Me and gabe played
pool and afterward we went to an all night vegan poutine cart...
Barrett was wasssssted! Haha

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August 14, 2009

Day one

Day one

12 noon
This morning is riddiculous.. We are scrammbling around searching for
a rental van, but all the usual rental spots are out .... Poor
planning on our part but that's just the way it goes I guess! The
rental is gonna cost us more than I'm willing to disclose and I'm so
broke that all I can do is give a promise that I'll pay them back!
Everyone is still in a reasonable mood though... Just a little
I'm fully packed with 2 extra shirts, an iPod, extra pair of
underwear and pants I cant wait to leave! I'll be happy when I'm at a
gas station in the middle of nowhere hoping to find a clif bar!
10:59 pm
We got to the show around 7 but were the first ones here and later we
found out it didnt start til 945! Haha
So we got some bananas and cookies from a health food store and tried
to track down the nearest coin star machine ( we got 19 bucks!) when
we got back to the venue which is a bar they would not allow nicole in
til we played and so we couldn't do a sound check ... Like it matters
anyway. We played super loud! Louder than the sound guy wanted... It
was sloppy and fun! I got my own mic and took advantage of the
situation by talking alot! It ruled some bar dorks liked it and the
lovely eggs from the uk loved us! :] ... Mandi was drunk! Haha i think
we decided to not drive all the way to Seattle where there is no show
waiting' for us ... Were gonna go to Portland and eat breakfast and
donuts and record shop instead. Were so broke and we just started! ...
I'm having fun!
Shows almost over and I think they might try to chince us out of some
door money.... I hope not .... God! bars are so weird! This band has a
guy dressed up as a crow and dedicated a song to Edgar alan Poe! Hahaha
Lovely eggs were awesome!
We got $30 totally got chinced out!
Now begins the 9 hour overnight drive to Portland.
Besides the money.... I don't think I wanna play a bar ever again! Haha


August 13, 2009

my reply

erika wrote a blog and i like what she said..i responded with this weird rant.
Erikas blog post.

I never thought it was ok for people to get imaginary free passes that allow people to say or do whatever they want and then try to pass it off as a temporary lapse of judgment.

if you were mad/drunk/sad/lonely and you fucked still fucked up.

I just prefer to not forget it and make sure they know what they did.(if its that bad)
I've kinda of just become accustomed to walking away in these situations to avoid any type of involvement, but im pretty sure people just group me with the people who say it if i'm around.

if I constantly dropped friends for stuff they said or did I would be left with noone because the people im closest to all have severe emotional/sexual/woman/alcohol/drug/and insecurity problems..that flare up every minute of the day.

I can tell when things are shitty, but I dont think I know any better......I surround myself with these people so I think I am "these people" fucked up & anxiety ridden.

I think I actually get some fucked up joy off knowing that everything I know can collapse every 10 I'd say enjoy as many one night stands as you want or dont.. or start an argument..because I guess it might be worth the risk.

either way I dont know where i was going with all of this...I just felt like adding to your rant.

August 12, 2009

Me and matt ballin' outta control

August 09, 2009

Gym bro

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August 07, 2009

Brandon appreciates the arts

August 05, 2009

noone is ever as close to you as you think.