May 06, 2008

cool things goin down.

i knocked out half the things on that list!

a few days ago i went on a bike ride and my knees swoll up to the size of grapefruits. I'm slowly falling to pieces! I go to the doctor on Wednesday I hope she can heal these stupid dumb knees. because they are getting really bad. its hard to walk and i cant run or crouch at all!

the bike ride was awesome though i hope to go on a ton more before summer ends.

me and Nicole recorded some cool songs we wrote. then Tony quit the band, but we can find a new bassist soon plus the new songs are tight! we will have a demo soon ( i hope)

tony went to philly to hang and do shroomz ( have fun tony!) he Will have an awesome time the food is so good there!

i had a dream that i cut my hair so i cut it when i woke up. i look more like a turtle then ever before!
also Ashley put on Jose's glasses

+ New Pen Pal ( hi Wendy!)
+ Burritos
+ Bike Rides
+ Coffee
+ Touring with coke bust in July!
+ Mazapan

- bad knees
- stupid work
- boredom
- loneliness
- anxiety

p.s. I cant wait to leave town again.

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