May 08, 2008

Goodby legz!

Doc sayz that The soft tissue on my knee cap is inflamed and wont heal until I rest it.
but i can never rest it!!! i need to ride a bike to work and i play drums and at work i stand and pivot for 7 hours!

i got x-rays done and if these knees of mine still hurt i go back in 2 weeks to see a specialist. BLEH!

i will never run or jump again! i have to wear knee braces now too!

Danny bailey came and sewed my crotch on my pants though that was cool.

+ new jacket
+ new beanie
+ Ashley made snicker doodles
+ cute grill at the burrito place is nice to me!

- knees are inflamed
- i still owe for dental bills
- my bed stays empty

oh yea me and Nick and Gabe made a movie short, because we were what wanna fight about it!


xeasytoruinx said...

shits dangerous.

Ben said...

damn. youre fucked man. doesnt puttting ice on inflamed things help

Richxxx said...

yea but i dont wanna ice it everynite! bleh!