May 28, 2009

i am a stupid lump that doesnt fit in anywhere.

May 26, 2009


Sourpatch Played SF Pop Fest.

it was a nice afternoon show and from what I could see people enjoyed it! claude from pop song romance filmed us and asked to take a picture...hopefully ill see that soon on his SF popfest recap.

were still looking fr label support but some people I talked to at pop fest might be able to help! :]

i found this.

I went to my dads 50th birthday party afterwards, it was fun. It's always super awkward when I see family, I dont relate or dont try to, I dont know either way this time it was nice.

also after going to all these pop fest and dancing to all the awesome indie pop dance parties! It's bummed me out that there isn't a good indie pop dance night in San're latest crush in the City Might be getting better!, but since i know there wont be one in San Jose and if i played it at parties no one would dance I will be making my own would be DJ set and posting it on here soon!

May 19, 2009

poop fest

I went to New York this weekend for pop fest! it was awesome! I saw a ton of good bands and some friends and I went to philly too!

I wish I could convince both of my bands to move to the east coast so I can move there!

here are some pictures.

May 10, 2009


Sourpatch went in the Studio and recorded for hopefully our first LP " Crushin' "

It sounds awesome! I'm hoping we can get someone to help release it soon!

Listen and tell me what you think!

May 08, 2009

I for some reason never really wanted to check out mayer hawthorne, but i dont know why?! its so good!

Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out from Stones Throw on Vimeo.

Mayer Hawthorne - I Wish It Would Rain from Stones Throw on Vimeo.

this video is awesome too! if you have some time watch it!

Serius Jones presents Life is Serius[The Movie] from IrunsNY on Vimeo.

and here are some other randoms i like

Rob Roy "Fur In My Cap" Director: Ethan Lader from ethandirector on Vimeo.