December 27, 2008


i took my passport photo today..i look like a total creepo!
i feel less trapped.

i won 30 bucks in a dice game last night though!!

Here's That Mix Tape I Promised!!
My Passport photo doubles as a mix tape cover!


Mary Lou Lord-some jingle jangle morning
Lispector-Peachtree Street
Mirah & Ginger-OH! September
Mirah & Calvin-ode to st. valentine
Dear Nora-just one more thing
Dear Nora-one,two,three,four
Dear Nora-hung up
Hello Seahorse!-Squarehead
Hello Seahorse!-wont say anything
Television Personalities-look back in anger
Built to Spill-girl
Built to Spill-joyride
Land of Talk-all my friends
The Muslims-extinction

here are some tight shows ill be playing!
come see me sweat!

December 24, 2008

i am very emotionally draining to those around me.

mix tape is done...see ya tomorrow

December 22, 2008

not friend

I wanna talk to you...I'm just bad at returning calls/texts...

don't be sad

im a bad friend/son/and so on.

December 20, 2008

I went to San Francisco for a few days and spent more money on delicious food than I should have. I also Hung out with Juan who I haven't seen in awhile.
there was also a show at Xtine's it was good. Erika was leaving to Colombia so I said Goodbye!

I still feel Like things are always falling apart, but I'm trying to ignore it...I don't know if that's good :/

I Have been compiling another's good I'll post it before X-Mas I hope.

December 13, 2008

Everyone is Dying for Affection. There Dying to catch the Slightest Glint in Your Eyes Today.In disgust played a show last night in Oakland and it was awesome! we're writing for 2 new records and we are preparing for an east coast tour!

I'm pumped!

coffee is my friend and she is a good one at that!

these are some current plus' in my life

+ Netflix
+ Writing new music for both bands
+ Coffee
+ The Cranberries
+ Kisses
+ Phil Ramirez
+ West Coast Burritos!

December 11, 2008

I've been listening to Hello Seahorse! alot!
the song "wont say anything" is ridiculously catchy! goddamn!

Hello Seahorse! - Won't Say Anything

also there is this live acoustic Dragonzord song I have, that's really good!
(it has Frances from hop along, queen ans leis featured also!)

Dragonzord - Alameda

this isn't a music blog, but I think I'm going to start mostly posting music! its easier and probably more interesting than hearing me complain about my constant personal disappointments.

download those songs from here and tell me what ya think!

December 09, 2008


I'm Back from tour! and it feels weird.

I'm tired, but excited. It always takes me awhile to re-adjust.

I cant wait to start writing more music for both bands! and tour again soon!

i cant believe how cold it is in San Jose, too! bleh!!

here are some pictures:

I Finally got around to making a new mix-tape!!!


its made up of what i listened to while flying on a bajillion planes!

Rose Melberg-stitch
Rose Melberg-i will
Velocity Girl-sorry again
Velocity Girl-drug girls
Black Tambourine-for ex lovers only
Black Tambourine-throw Aggi off the bridge
Giant Haystacks-cost/benefit analysis
Giant Haystacks-young shavers
Cranberries-you & me
Dear Nora-rollercoaster
Dear Nora-round and round
Dear Nora-im turned inside out
Henry's Dress-target practice
Henry's Dress-get yourself together
Juniper (U.S not U.K)-think and die thinking
Songs For Moms-the worse it gets the better
Sissy Bar-peeps
Pants Yell!-alison statton

and here is the cover