September 20, 2008


shit's goin smooth.

i care less about things, but ina good way.

give me food.

September 12, 2008

i got a tattoo on my fore arm yesterday i get the other arm done in 2 weeks.

Sylvia and Jay Way are moving away what a bummer that's gonna be!

i am in like with another makes me confused, but happy.

September 08, 2008

laying in my front yard feels good when its so hot in my room.
netflix starts tommorrow, im pumped.

September 06, 2008

(that hasnt been updated for over a year i think)

there are two songs i wrote (badly) and recorded (badly) and sang on (badly) with a talkboy fx

im hoping to record them better and with drums and a bass and electric soon.

deal wit it!



i'm not very unhappy at the moment!

i have a GOOD queeezy feeling.

im'a post a mix soon with just random stuff i've been listening to (r&b,indie,rap)
it will be my most eclectic mix so far!

I got some new jackets too! ...... can't wait for fall/winter and cold weather!

September 01, 2008

i forgot it was my birthday .. the day of

L.A. was tight! we played above lack of interest though that was kinda weird....but i had alot of fun...i wish i had eaten better food though. i want food swings.

jay way has some funny pics on her blog.

also Ashley took alot of pics ..when she flickrs them I'll put up a link.... Phil filmed alot of funny stuff i think we will make a weird compilation video and put it up on you tube who knows.


pretty grillz.