May 26, 2008

Sittin' Round at Home

Without a fone I haven't been doin anything really. i hope to get a new one soon.

Sourpatch has got a show next week. i hope we are ready...because I'm real stoked on it its with Lemuria!today i hung with my dad and rode my bike. both went pretty good. I told him i wanted to get a vasectomy and he told me a common side effect is pedophilia!! hahaha.

I'm gonna post a new mixed tape soon.

+ Smelly rich
+ burritos

- no phone
- dirty room

1 comment:

jeb said...

there was a corky on so you think you can dance today and i picked up my phone to call you and share the ridiculousness of his "dance" (which consisted of karate kicks, spinning, wild hand movements, and a karate chop) but i couldn't because you don't have one. fix it. there are a lot of wheelchair people out there to be laughed at... too many for me to do it alone.