July 31, 2008


I slept all day yesterday from and then woke up this morning at 8 am! gabe came in and i drove around with him to work in his semi truck dropping off glass! shit was tight. then i cam home and watched kickin' it old school at $1.00 tacos and ate a burrito. that place is so tight i plan on eating and watching there much more now.touring bands have all left and so did the semi housemates who've been staying here. so im staying in my room and never coming out now. my little brain gets confused when theres so many things goin on so its kinda cool to be able to listen to records in my room and chill away from human contact for a little bit. I need to finish this letter for wendy (i've been lagging! sorry!)

anyone else want a letter?

im going to see hunchback tonight and the ergs!...i am gonna buy the cheeky 7" from mike hunchback im pumped he saved me one!

July 28, 2008


I'm never to busy to be lonely. it seems to absorb all of my activities. I cant commit and I cant admit that I'll never be happy. so i fall face first into every dead end finding new ways to show how much of a grade A fuck up I am.

I made a mix tape for Christine..it was meant for her hibernation period in San Jose, but i think I've been using it to hide from people more than she did.

i don't feel like posting it.

My phones broke I'm a total loser.

July 23, 2008


today on the way to work my chain snapped halfway there and this grill who worked at the store i stopped in front of asked me if i needed help and gave me a water cause i was sweaty and panicky..it was embarrassing! then when i finally fixed the chain because it was so tangled up that i was stressing out.. i went to put the tire back on and my tool snapped in half!! so i had to walk the rest of the way and was late...I'm an idiot!

my friend Francine from L.A came up to visit this last weekend it was fun. i hope she wasn't bored.there was a party at Chris pisses house where some ridiculous shit went down...as soon as i find pictures I'll post them.

SFN played the house awhile ago too and shit was tight and the party went crazy. and drunk people made out in my room and everyone was half naked dancing in my room.........never again.
also expect another mix tape soon.

July 09, 2008

not bad, but not good.

I'm hot and I'm tired and i got a new job at work. i am back up sign maker i sit up stairs ona computer making signs for 4 hours out of the day now. im kinda afraid it will become a real persons job. i hope not!
Things are moving slowly or maybe not at all still i'm just kinda ridin' the wave. i want to go somewhere soon. Ben said this about being somewhere that isnt home... and its true
"All this always comes together to remind me how much I'm missing out on life when I'm constantly trying to convince myself how bad it is."

i met a grill from l.a. shes really cute. lets see what happens!

also fourth of July was tight i blew stuff up and got to play with 2 really cool babies!
Rosie and Robin each have a baby and both those pretty grills made two pretty babies. it was cool plus we barbecued some serious vegan shit!

also i made this video for Sylvia while shes in d.c

also i made an appointment to get tattoo finished!
heres some cell photos.

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July 01, 2008

stay sad

here's a mix tape. for a grill I'll never give it to.
I'm a sad loser.


GAZE-sunday night waterworks
GAZE-bob again
MICROPHONES-voice in headphones
MICROPHONES-great ghosts
SOFTIES-fragile don't crush
TALULAH GOSH-don't go away
MARSHMALLOW KISSES-i wonder why my favorite boy leaves me in the rain
KIND OF LIKE SPITTING-birds of a feather
ROSE MELBERG-each new day
MAGNETIC FIELDS-nothing matters when were dancing
MAGNETIC FIELDS-long vermont roads
LOIS-transatlantic telephone call
JEFF MANGUM-i love how you love me
FOG-what a day,what a day
FOG-the girl from the gum commercial
MARCY PLAYGROUND-sherry frasier
THAT DOG-zodiac

and here's some random pictures from my phone.
someone else make a mix tape so i can download yours already!!


i stay sad.
yesterday i slept for 17 hours straight. and im still tired.

send the nice and pretty grills to me.

expect a sad ass mix tape soon.
im a wothless goon. and i fuck up way too often. total loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr