January 26, 2009

my grandma got out of the hospital and broke her leg 3 days later.
noone tells me nothin'!

in disgust is going on an east coast tour soon.

my tooth is falling apart.

i want more cake.

i spent too much money on records

honey mustard stuff is good!


January 19, 2009


Me and Gabe Cleaned the upstairs of The Locust Street Compound and it seems that everyone has been doin there best to keep it that way! which is way tight...

I'm decorating the house its my current project.. hahaha

Gabe got laid-off its a total bummer but he's pretty pumped though at the same time...everyone should buy him food!

Sunday baseball is back since the weather has gotten better.. I hit a grand slam and slid home and now my leg is all fucked up!

this past weekend me and Christine went on 2 dates and i got mad vegan breakfast-age at felini! stoked!


some baseball pics taking by murray bowles
more can be found here:

January 10, 2009

Don't Try

Me and My Friends are constantly Falling apart and we cant help each other because we are all retarded.

I shaved my 3 hair mustache.

January 02, 2009

HI 2009!

You're terribly happy that I came home early
I've fallen asleep in the afternoon
Get under the covers i'll give you some kisses
And we'll lie on the roof and stare up at the moon

lets see if i can keep those resolutions.