April 26, 2009

i ordered some cool stuff from ebay.

sourpatch records soon...im pumped!

April 21, 2009

I cant breathe out of my nose.

I am probably the worst person to give advice or help someone, but I always seem to be the designated support structure. I am constantly falling to pieces and ovethinking.

don't lean against this fence, its not as sturdy as you think.

April 17, 2009

good health is hard.

no matter what you say I know im a total loser

April 14, 2009

east coast

east coast tour was alot of fun! we played well, and ate some good food and hung/met alot of cool grillz and guyz.
here are some pics I took...theres alot of middle fingers

April 01, 2009


ok heres the mix tape! its really long! :]
it was so long that it wouldnt let me upload it as one big mix so i had to split it into two.

listen to it as one mix on shuffle its much better!

heres the cover:

and heres the mix:

Part I
Part II

Part I-
Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Come Saturday
Pains of Being Pure at Heart - This Love is Fucking Right
Rocketship - Im Lost without You Here
Rocketship - Youre too Young
Daniel Johnston - I Will
The Crabs - Promise Land
Dear Nora - Mountain Rock
Dear Nora - Here we come Around
Dear Nora - Give me Some of Yr Love
Lois & Elliot Smith - Rougher
Mary Lou Lord & Elliot Smith - I Figured You Out
Mary Lou Lord & Elliot Smith - Birthday Boy
Heavenly - Sort of Mine
The Siddeleys - What Went Wrong This Time
PO! - Albert Stole My Heart
PO! - Appleseed Alley
Muslims - Nightlife
Milky Wimpshake - Phlosophical Boxing Gloves
Milky Wimpshake - Dialling Tone
Lois - Never Last
Lois - Flamer
Mary Lou Lord - His Indie World
Mary Lou Lord - She Had You
Magnetic Fields - Born on a Train

Part II-
Mirah - Telephone Wires
Mirah - Sweepstakes Prize
Jonathan Richman - Important in your Life
Orange Juice - You Old Eccentric
Orange Juice - Consolation Prize
Beat Happening - Noise
Beat Happening - Sleepy Head
Yellow Fever - Alice
Another Sunny Day - Cant you Tell its True
Another Sunny Day - What Happened to you, My Dearest Friend
Cats on Fire - End of Straight Street
Cats on Fire - Tears in Your Cup
Vaselines - Dying for it
Vaselines - Mollys Lips
Glo Worm - Holiday
Glo Worm - Friday Im In Love
Tender Forever - Marry Me
Boyracer - The Moment
Crayon - Lie with it Baby
The Blow - Nothing is The Only Reason Not To Fuck Everything Up
Dressy Bessy - Tag
Dressy Bessy - You Stand Here
Tender Trap - Ampersand
The Rosehips - Room in Your Heart
Korea Girl - Under the Sun
Jeremy Jay - Beautiful Rebel
The Weather Prophets - Like Frankie Lymon
Softies - Winter Pageant
Tiny Yim - Tiptoe Thru The Tulips
I leave fr tour this friday! its gonna be real fun!

4.3.9 - 517 Averill St.
, Rochester, NY

9 - Cambridge Elks Lodge, Cambridge, MA
w/Sacred Shock, Deskonocidos

9 - Land O Heaviness and Joy, Pawtucket, RI
w/Sacred Shock, Deskonocidos

4.6.9 - The Charleston, 174 Bedford Ave.
, Brooklyn, NY
w/Sacred Shock, Deskonocidos

9 - The Smackdown Hotel, 1320 S. May St.
, Philadelphia, PA

4.8.9 - Nara Sushi, 1309 W. Main St.
, Richmond, VA

4.9.9 - The Corpse Fortress, 906 Philadelphia Ave.
, Silver Spring, MD

4.10.9 - Brown Town, 35 Brown Ave.
, Athens, OH

9 - Midwest Fest, Chicago, IL

4.11.9 - 939 W.
Irving Park, Chicago, IL
w/SFN, Abrade
10pm. Get Drunk.

9 - Buffalo, NY
Getting Drunk and Burning Churches

I'm also pumped because Sourpatch got asked to play an early show at this years SF POPFEST

NYC POP FEST looks awesome too!

check it out!!

I promise to get that mix tape i been talking about out before i leave fr tour.. in the mean time check out these cool videos!!