October 26, 2008

Don't Worry I'm Just a Spazz.

The BB Gunz caused us to cancel the next couple house shows because the land lady is coming in to inspect for damages inside the house! gah!
wish me luck!

I've been eating alot lately! I'm really into this Tofu scramble with peanut sauce at st. Francis! its good!

work sucks, but theres a couple coolies that make it tolerable.

east coast tour is coming soon and I'm getting fidgety and stressed!

BILLS, BILLS, AND MORE BILLS! god its annoying!

I'm constantly surrounded by babies who are crying/sad about something that could be easily fixed or avoided! gah!

I'm not mad, just exhausted from helping solve other peoples problems or just people who need attention and are getting it in stupid ways...

handle your shit and stop being selfish and inconsiderate to people you love!

I've also been bugged by people who are just lazy and stupid and blame others for there problems and whine about how things are so hard for them, but do nothing to improve there situation! you're situation is better then most others! You are truly a waste of space and I don't appreciate the way you treat my friends

"you always treat me like i
don't have a clue
the condescension you think you hide so well
is painfully obvious
secret smiles, pats on the head
ultra-knowing nods
despite the fact i can predict
what you're gonna to say
i still have no idea what you're thinking when you do"

Also, I've been meaning to post that mixed tape (to anyone who reads this) i swear I'll do it soon!

friends send me letters with drawings and such
Rich Rulez Infinity
1264 Locust St.
San Jose, CA 95110

here are some cell pics and some regular camera pics I've taken lately (if yr bored)

---------------CAMERA PICZ------------------
hi karren!

crip life

matty pukes


josh is a hilarious weirdo!

busse and taquito grill!

i didn't take this

you know where your at?

check the stache!


me and Jennifer are mirror images

baby and a beer

pretty grills in a shadow

---------------CELL PICZZ-------------------
Dressing for work suckz!

Just in case!

Marshmallow head

little boy

Thanks for being nice to me! yr the best!

king of ridiculousness

slow down on the pillz matty!

pretty Rachel

coconut coffee is really good!

sample king

thanks fr sewing me up! kinda. :]

love my life right there

i know i owe you money, sorry I'm dumb! you guys are cool.


the coolest dude ever

best date ever

don't do that face ever again

hector makes music

I'm napping

check out this car model babe!

a softie all the way through!

emergency seating


pretty, pretty, pretty

October 12, 2008

fuck! why am i such a spazz.

i cant go a few weeks with out my mind making me feel like everything is falling apart!

October 07, 2008

hey guyz!

hey i got a new phone its an iphone! i phound it downtown im pumped.

sourpatch is goin on tour soon and i hope we have enough money! bleh!

i made a mix for sammmmie for her bday im'a post it this weekend! its good i like it.
here are some cool vidz i found!

there all good i swearzz!