August 16, 2009

Day 3

Day 3
Last night I slept in the van and it was soooooo cold! We woke this
morning and everyone showered ... Mandi and nicole smoked out...
Everytime nicole smokes weed she looks like a real sad zombie its
hillarious! We talked with bob who we found out people call Robert
instead... I don't know where we got Bob from.
We talked about tour stories and random stuuff...
2:50 pm
We drove around trying to find food and during the trek got an email
from roger in Sacramento... Turns out we left out guitar and cords at
the show! Bummer.
We will survive.
We are now eating pancakes!
1:00 am
After pancakes christine got a tattoo of a tarot card and it made me
want one so after Her tattoo was done we went to another tattoo parlor
where my friend mike wrked and he tattooed my wrists! He talked about
how he used to put crayons in his butt and we also found out his
grlfriend is the girl who sings on the postal service records! Weird
huh!? We drove back to the house and the show was just about to start
we played sloppy again but it was still fun I don't know if we sold
anything, but I hope we get some gas cash!
We now start the drive back down to the bay so we can play my house!...
Gabe made a craigslist post for people to send him pics to his cell
because " he's in a heavy rock band and on tour" haha

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