August 15, 2009

Day two

Day two
8:42 am
Gabe drove the whole night! I tries to stay up.... I made it about 5
hours before I crashed out in the back on our disgusting matress that
we shoved in the back... We are a few miles from super cold and
gloomy, rusty Portland .... We are gonna get Dutch tacos... Look it up
Dutch tacos were a total bust! The fat idiot guy in the window was an
asshole and they ran out of vegan sausage so we headed down to muddy's
to drink pricey potatoes and drink endless amounts of self serve fair
trade shade grown organic Portland coffee!
Gabe is pissed and wants to kill dilbert dumb fuck at the ditch taco
stand! Its hillarious.....the table has trivial pursuit cards and we
are realizing we are idiots with know general knowledge
We have eating so much food in the last 3 hours .... I feel like I
might puke! We called bob from forever and he said we could crash at
his pad! So were hanging around town til we meet up for a show
later... Im'a call some local hammies and see if they wanna chill the
weather is very nice ..... I think were going to the river.
We met up with my friend barret and went to a river carnival! We kept
spraying dads with water and they would get so pissed! It was
hillarious the ride operators there were so akward and really into the
shitty techno and or aerosmith songs that played during their rides...
We walked on the river and threw shit at other shit.
Once we were done we went to a spot where I got biscuits and gravy and
a pancake bigger than my head for only 7 bucks! If I stayes in
Portland I would blow up so fast!!
Anyway me and gabe and barret are gonna go to a different show than
the others so's we can say whatsup to some hammies! Everyone is sleepy
and hungry we are on the path to
Obesity and diabesity just wait and see us roll back as huge fat skin
beach balls
2:49 am
The show was tight I hung with a tonnif hammies... Me and gabe played
pool and afterward we went to an all night vegan poutine cart...
Barrett was wasssssted! Haha

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