August 13, 2009

my reply

erika wrote a blog and i like what she said..i responded with this weird rant.
Erikas blog post.

I never thought it was ok for people to get imaginary free passes that allow people to say or do whatever they want and then try to pass it off as a temporary lapse of judgment.

if you were mad/drunk/sad/lonely and you fucked still fucked up.

I just prefer to not forget it and make sure they know what they did.(if its that bad)
I've kinda of just become accustomed to walking away in these situations to avoid any type of involvement, but im pretty sure people just group me with the people who say it if i'm around.

if I constantly dropped friends for stuff they said or did I would be left with noone because the people im closest to all have severe emotional/sexual/woman/alcohol/drug/and insecurity problems..that flare up every minute of the day.

I can tell when things are shitty, but I dont think I know any better......I surround myself with these people so I think I am "these people" fucked up & anxiety ridden.

I think I actually get some fucked up joy off knowing that everything I know can collapse every 10 I'd say enjoy as many one night stands as you want or dont.. or start an argument..because I guess it might be worth the risk.

either way I dont know where i was going with all of this...I just felt like adding to your rant.

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