July 31, 2008


I slept all day yesterday from and then woke up this morning at 8 am! gabe came in and i drove around with him to work in his semi truck dropping off glass! shit was tight. then i cam home and watched kickin' it old school at $1.00 tacos and ate a burrito. that place is so tight i plan on eating and watching there much more now.touring bands have all left and so did the semi housemates who've been staying here. so im staying in my room and never coming out now. my little brain gets confused when theres so many things goin on so its kinda cool to be able to listen to records in my room and chill away from human contact for a little bit. I need to finish this letter for wendy (i've been lagging! sorry!)

anyone else want a letter?

im going to see hunchback tonight and the ergs!...i am gonna buy the cheeky 7" from mike hunchback im pumped he saved me one!

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j-way. said...

send me a letter.