July 01, 2008

stay sad

here's a mix tape. for a grill I'll never give it to.
I'm a sad loser.


GAZE-sunday night waterworks
GAZE-bob again
MICROPHONES-voice in headphones
MICROPHONES-great ghosts
SOFTIES-fragile don't crush
TALULAH GOSH-don't go away
MARSHMALLOW KISSES-i wonder why my favorite boy leaves me in the rain
KIND OF LIKE SPITTING-birds of a feather
ROSE MELBERG-each new day
MAGNETIC FIELDS-nothing matters when were dancing
MAGNETIC FIELDS-long vermont roads
LOIS-transatlantic telephone call
JEFF MANGUM-i love how you love me
FOG-what a day,what a day
FOG-the girl from the gum commercial
MARCY PLAYGROUND-sherry frasier
THAT DOG-zodiac

and here's some random pictures from my phone.
someone else make a mix tape so i can download yours already!!


AMBER said...

how do u make a mixtape to download?

jeb said...

don't be sad... sonrĂ­e. whoever the mix is for, i think you should give it to her.

i miss san jose. i'm going to move there and enjoy the weather and play your drums and go to church and eat two dollar vegan sandwiches everyday. that's my new life plan.

Deana said...

do you work at the whole foods in san jose? i wanna come n eat there/visit?

Richxxx said...

thats what everyone in san jose does anyway! i will never give it to her.

and deana come by whenever. i work alot too much!

Ben said...

the that dog song is genius. kind of like spitting is still trash though.

Diana said...

All your mix tapes are good, Rich. Keep it up :)

And give your secret crush her mix tape!