July 23, 2008


today on the way to work my chain snapped halfway there and this grill who worked at the store i stopped in front of asked me if i needed help and gave me a water cause i was sweaty and panicky..it was embarrassing! then when i finally fixed the chain because it was so tangled up that i was stressing out.. i went to put the tire back on and my tool snapped in half!! so i had to walk the rest of the way and was late...I'm an idiot!

my friend Francine from L.A came up to visit this last weekend it was fun. i hope she wasn't bored.there was a party at Chris pisses house where some ridiculous shit went down...as soon as i find pictures I'll post them.

SFN played the house awhile ago too and shit was tight and the party went crazy. and drunk people made out in my room and everyone was half naked dancing in my room.........never again.
also expect another mix tape soon.

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Ashley C. said...

Ugh, those bootie grinding pics are sooo gross!