December 09, 2008


I'm Back from tour! and it feels weird.

I'm tired, but excited. It always takes me awhile to re-adjust.

I cant wait to start writing more music for both bands! and tour again soon!

i cant believe how cold it is in San Jose, too! bleh!!

here are some pictures:

I Finally got around to making a new mix-tape!!!


its made up of what i listened to while flying on a bajillion planes!

Rose Melberg-stitch
Rose Melberg-i will
Velocity Girl-sorry again
Velocity Girl-drug girls
Black Tambourine-for ex lovers only
Black Tambourine-throw Aggi off the bridge
Giant Haystacks-cost/benefit analysis
Giant Haystacks-young shavers
Cranberries-you & me
Dear Nora-rollercoaster
Dear Nora-round and round
Dear Nora-im turned inside out
Henry's Dress-target practice
Henry's Dress-get yourself together
Juniper (U.S not U.K)-think and die thinking
Songs For Moms-the worse it gets the better
Sissy Bar-peeps
Pants Yell!-alison statton

and here is the cover

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are home! Everyone missed you of course, and with xmas on the way we need to hang out soon!

I like your hair long you look rad