December 27, 2008


i took my passport photo today..i look like a total creepo!
i feel less trapped.

i won 30 bucks in a dice game last night though!!

Here's That Mix Tape I Promised!!
My Passport photo doubles as a mix tape cover!


Mary Lou Lord-some jingle jangle morning
Lispector-Peachtree Street
Mirah & Ginger-OH! September
Mirah & Calvin-ode to st. valentine
Dear Nora-just one more thing
Dear Nora-one,two,three,four
Dear Nora-hung up
Hello Seahorse!-Squarehead
Hello Seahorse!-wont say anything
Television Personalities-look back in anger
Built to Spill-girl
Built to Spill-joyride
Land of Talk-all my friends
The Muslims-extinction

here are some tight shows ill be playing!
come see me sweat!


dannytran said...

i'll come make you sweat.

mirah rules.

don't let life get you down.

you're a good person.

Ben said...

i can use some songs from this mixtape to woo girls, it's a good one.