April 29, 2008

Getting things done

I have always really been into lists. mostly because if i have more than three things to do my tiny brain overloads and i feel overwhelmed and cant leave my bed.

I have a huge list right now I'm trying to get my money right and handle these things. the list is as follows.

-make art portfolio for new position at work
-Flyer for bike ride
-buy new wheel set
-get new record player
-buy padded strap for messenger bag
-make appointment and see a doctor for knee
-pay dental bill
-send more letters out
-visit more friends

I'm really into this list!
its helping alot , to make these things. I recommend it for anyone who stresses out very easily, because ive been having a tough time lately and this is making it much easier to manage life in general.
here's some pictures I've taken lately.
I'll try and write more and take pictures more.

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Ashley C. said...

I make to-do lists like everyday at work. Half the time I loose them by the time I get home, but seriously, I wouldn't accomplish anything if I didn't write it down. And sometimes I add things to my to-do list after I've already done them just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing them off! I know, I'm a dork!