June 09, 2008

alot of shit

i have been crazy busy being an idiot so i haven't updated this shit in a million years, but alot of shit went down.....
SOURPATCH played our first show with pillow fights and Lemuria. it went pretty fuckin good people were all into it. i thought we woulda bombed. hopefully we will record soon. (we have buttons now with that logo thanks to DB so hit me up if ya want one you fuckin asshole!) a ton of people showed up to such an early show i was very happy and Lemuria was stoked so many people showed up.
I saw Lemuria play 3 times in a row too shit was mad legit! they are the best dudes ever!
there was a fuck load of food at the potluck too i made tofu skewers and twice baked potatoes which was also mad legit!
Mad got drunk and tried to go half on a baby with erika non-stop, i called him the next day and told him he couldn't come over anymore if he keeps punching things. i think he got sad.Christine is a total babe!and Sandra drank 5 flaming Dr. peppers and asked nick to stick his butt on her a bunch.I also finally got a new phone so if you ain't already in the know hit me up and we can text flirt! its as thin as a stick of gum and loud. i already put some freak jams on it so if you see me in the mall saggin my Levi's don't even pay me no motherfuckin mind!The day after the show we had the dance party! shit went off for like 4 hours! tons of people showed up and the basement was hot as shit. me and Gabe and nick decorated the basement too! the dance mix for it was 12.5 hours long! awesome i know!
the dance party was tight for like 4 hours then the cops showed up and everyone had to leave.
I had to kick everyone out and as the last person left the basement the cops had ran in the house and came downstairs as i was getting Maggie to go upstairs and. i was waiting for them to leave so i could get the lights ....one of the turds pushed me and told me to get out i turned and yelled at him saying that i fuckin live here and that what the fuck is his problem he grabbed my hand i grabbed his and pushed his dumb ass away and then told him again that i live here and for him to back the fuck off so he ran up and started punching me and then threw me into a drum set in the next room.... Gabe pushed a cop away so they handcuffed him ( good lookin out! ) the two other cops handcuffed me and they took us too the cop cars. there was like 11 cop cars out front of the house it was riddiculous!
(if anyone has a picture of all the cop cars let me know)
either way i guess some fatsoe neighbor called the cops even though our direct neighbors didn't even care and were bummed that the party was getting busted.
the cop took me in under resisting an officer and battery on an officer which is so fuckin dumb. i had to sit in the back of a patty wagon downtown for like 3 hours. with some retard drunk dude i had to pee and he wouldn't let me go anywhere so peed all over the patty wagon it was pretty hillarious he was pretty disgusted by me. i got to the police station at like 1 am and they put me in a holding cell till 9 ish that morning and i was released. i have court in July. I'm not sweatin it though shit will be coolzie. i hope!
after i took the light rail home then me Ashley,Jose,nick, and hector went to Oakland and ate some bomb ass vegan food at Fellini's and then went and bought records all day. i fell asleep on Karen's bed in Oakland for an hour in between there somewhere.
shit was whack ( the arresting part not the nap at karrens), but the party was so tight!!! thanks too everyone who worried about me. now buy me cakes and ice cream!
I am also now sick from this drunk ass Mexican dude who kept trying to sleep on me in the holding cell while he was sick. fuck that shit!(most attractive picture of me ever i know!)

my friend Wendy from Boston sent me a letter with a mix tape and some drawings its tight. shes tight.(shes the drunk one)

i finally paid off my medical and dental bills and have currently received my stimulus check (finally) so I'm gonna buy a lot of records and burritos.

also I have made a tape for Sandra who is a total coolie.
so as promised in the last blog here is a mix tape made for a grill. by me.
download me you dummy!

ANTIDOTE - something must be done
THE BRAT - attitudes
CLOSET FAIRIES - ghetto girls
CLOSET FAIRIES - union suite
THE EAT - subhuman
THE FARTZ - you gotta brain
FUN PEOPLE - f.m.i
FUN PEOPLE - si pudiera
FUN THINGS - time enough for love
FUN THINGS - savage
GYM SLIPS - dear marje
GYM SLIPS - loves not the answer
HEAVENLY - lemonhead boy
THE JOCKS - give me your germs
ONE MAN ARMY - another night
SNUGGLE - dude, wheres my guitar?
SOA - girl problems
SOFTBALL - prostrate
SOFTBALL - choice
SWINGING UTTERS - teenage genocide
SWINGING UTTERS - all laced up
TIN ARMOR - misanthrope
TIN ARMOR - my true step
THE UNLOVABLES - valentine
THE VASELINES - dying for it
VIVIAN GIRLS - going insane
WITCHES WITH DICKS - die painfully
WITCHES WITH DICKS - he was yelling at me

I'm sure I'm missing some stuff but that's mostly what has happened in the last 2 weeks-ish
also i think DIANA has alot of pictures of lemuria and sourpatch and the party on her blog so check there instead of me posting specifics form herez.

seriously though get my number and text me...alot!

oh yea also me gabe and tony saw a ghetto tumbleweed made up of someones fucked up weave.


dannytran said...

wtf man. awesome rager nontheless.

dude! let me in on that 12.5 hour mix!

Diana said...
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Leon said...

this live version of Dying For It by The Vaselines on sandra's mixtape is waaayyyyy better than the album version I heard. Where did you get it, lucky?