March 19, 2010

Hi Worldddddd

March is here!
I leave for tour soon and I've got a couple projects started and i'm feeling somewhat alright.

i've been busy livin' at this new house and i've neglected this blog.

I have been reading the Merge Records book and it's getting me seriously pumped on everything. I highly reccomend it!

My Grandpa had a heart attack at a party the other day, He later had a stroke at the hospital. He is still alive, but in bad condition. It reminded me of when my other grandpa passed away a few years ago. It's pretty scary...both my grandfathers were/are amazing, tough, charming and really caring people and I hope to one day be like them both.

here's a new mix tape with alot of the stuff i've been listening to this past two or three months.

Here's your cover, my grandfathers

1-Superchunk-Skip Steps 1 & 3
2-Saturn V-Machinegun Head
3-Pants Yell-Cold Hands
4-Radio Dept.-Heaven's On Fire
6-Soft Pack-C'mon
7-Grab Grab the Haddock-i'm used now
9-Julie Doiron-Sweeter
10-Let's Wrestle-I Won't Lie to You
11-Dear Nora-Hey Tiger
12-Brown Recluse-Skeletons
13-My Bloody Valentine-Paint A Rainbow
14-Best Coast-When I'm With You
16-Eric's Trip-anytime you want
17-Ovens-from bad to good
18-Aislers Set-Langour in the balcony
19-Bomb Pops-Girl Daredevil
20-Pants Yell-Magenta and Green
21-Leaving Mornington Crescent-seventeen
22-Veronica Falls-Starry Eyes
23-KIT-How To Break This
24-Mary Lou Lord-His Indie World
25-the wedding present-once more
27-the housemartins-Sheep
28-Girlboy Girl-Trying
30-Sugarbears-Nothing But Love
31-Yo La Tengo-Sugarcube
32-Jesus and the Mary Chain-Upside Down
33-My Darling You-Let Me Try
34-Pulp-I Want You
35-The Sundays-Here's Where The Story Ends
36-Everything but the Girl-When All's Well
37-Suburban Kids with Biblical Names-1999



Gomi's library said...

I wish for your grandpa to get better! Have an awesome & safe tour, be careful with the whole driving thing, and the jumping around onstage thing :) and yes, Julie Doiron is greatest.

Gomi's library said...

^ Annnd I forgot to leave my name!, that was xStephanie Arsenickx