October 14, 2009

Drip Drop

It's starting to rain and its real gloomy. I thought it only proper to make a mix to aid in seasonal depression, both yours and mine! It's short, but full of some of my current and all time favorite bummed out jams.

I also am going to post a fall mix I made awhile ago and never posted ( which is real upbeat for pretttty bike rides ).

Download Here

Stay inside and read a book-
1 Andrew Kaffer - house full of friends
2 Eux Autres - ann boelyn
3 Everything but the Girl - night & day
4 The Sugarcubes - birthday
5 The Softies - fragile don't crush
6 The Lucksmiths - great lengths
7 Marine Girls - on my mind
8 Cocorosie - by your side
9 The Sofites - winter pageant
10 Dear Nora - mountain rock
11 Magnetic Fields - nothing matters when were dancing
12 The Crabs - unforgivable
13 The Beat Happening - noise
14 Black Tambourine - black car

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m said...

uh riiicchhhh i found you and i will be following you now. :)