July 13, 2009

Jay way has moved back to the bay... She says just for a month, but
she'll come back for good. There is just so many better things for her
I spent the weekend in the city just eating and wandering about. I got
some good records ate burritos with jennifer and zack and drank coffee
with christine and also hung with meghan at her wrk for a little.
Erika and beth ate breakfast and thrifted a little on Sunday morning.

Philz coffee opened a new store in San jose! And I plan on staying
happily caffeinated there from now til the end of time!

Things are good summer is in full effect. My garden has been giving me
food and my new handle bars make my bike way funner!

Who wants to ride around?

Expect alot of cell photos in here from now on!

1 comment:

saxon said...

Anya and I saw you riding through downtown last night.