December 13, 2008

Everyone is Dying for Affection. There Dying to catch the Slightest Glint in Your Eyes Today.In disgust played a show last night in Oakland and it was awesome! we're writing for 2 new records and we are preparing for an east coast tour!

I'm pumped!

coffee is my friend and she is a good one at that!

these are some current plus' in my life

+ Netflix
+ Writing new music for both bands
+ Coffee
+ The Cranberries
+ Kisses
+ Phil Ramirez
+ West Coast Burritos!


jay-way. said...

glad the show went well! any injuries?

prettymess said...

I have been netflixing too, but I never know what to put in my queue! I am watching stella right now, it's pretty good. give me suggestions.