August 21, 2008

I really like sitting in my room drawing. I'm not being anti social i just like to draw in my room...people can come and draw with me but they get all loud and i just wanna draw tacos surfing french fry waves in a relaxed state. I'm not mad I made a mix the other day and i like it alot, its not for any grill this time just for my bike rides...but you can steal it and give it to a grill if ya want!

Slingshot Dakota-Dreams of Kick Flips and Pistol Whips
Arrah and the Ferns-Emo Phillips
Arrah and the Ferns-Apple for Evan
The Besties-Space song
The Besties-Siren song
The Softies-Alaska
The Softies-C.K.M.
BunnyGrunt-We suspect he was trying to spell
BunnyGrunt-Me & My Vampire Friends
BunnyGrunt-Where Eagles Dare, pt.2
Madeline-A Different Place
Nico-Somewhere theres a feather
Little Wings-Look at what the light did now
Sissy Bar-Sour
Sissy Bar-Daisy Putter
Strawberry Fair-I cant do anything
Polaris-She is staggering
Polaris-Waiting for october
Vivian Girls-Never see me again
Tin Armor-The state of things
Marine Research-y.y.u.b.

i usually listen to my mixes on should do the same!also let me know if any of the old mixed tapes' links have gone bad. I'll sendzz you the mix myself.

bring me food for my birthday!


j-way. said...

your mix is pretty... it shouldn't be wasted on bike rides. i like it though.

leon said...
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leon said...

Thanx. No joy in life other than free music and looking at blogged pics of vegan dime pieces. You rule.

Leon said...

btw...I plan on making chubby babies to C.K.M. I will owe my future family to you.