June 24, 2008

awe hey sup!

Straight Jacket Nation came to play the house and it was tight they were good and the drummer Emily was a total babe!
the next day they played at the balazo in sf me, Erika, Jennifer, Trouble and Jose drove up to see the show ( me and Jose got on the guest list we were v.i.p for a night!!!!!)we went and got falafells and it was good. and i did the mosh too hard and hurt my back but it was tight. i talked to Emily for like an hour after the show..she gave me her email. i don't think I'm gonna email her though...
Jennifer is on vacation at my house I'm trying my hardest to entertain her. and so far i think its fun for her.it been really hot in San Jose and the other day Jose was in my room and his back was so sweaty that we could stick coins on him so we did.
then me and Jennifer and Christine and Erika jammed in the basementnick grossed people out...alot
today me and Jennifer went to the mall and met up with Matt then in disgust practiced and we wrote 3 new songs...shit is dope!
after the whole house made pizzas it was twice as dope mine had olives and
onions on it. then we ate peach pie with ice cream and whipped cream and topped off the night by listening to grind records in the living room.i also made a cardboard cut out of a duck billed platypus named Lenny for Christine!and i drew this picture of Jennifer the other day.

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Anonymous said...

that platypus was sick! i want one!